Cue Burn Digital - An mp3 label set up by Bristol's Mulder to release Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks J-Tek, Nu-Rave, Nu-Jungle, Jungle Breaks, 140 Jungle, Future Jungle... Or whatever you want to call it!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Muteki - Transmission

NEW RELEASE – out now on Cue Burn Digital!
Two fresh Hardcore Breaks smashers, bundled as an A & B side, along with printable cover art and labels.

Fire-up for a heavyweight Hardcore joyride, through manic rave stabs, rolling bass and huge breaks – a vast, ever-changing rave monster!
Rave Motion Gun
This is a straight-up Hardcore groove on a definite Oldskool tip – uplifting vibes and thumping Breaks from this cool summer sizzler!
Simply click to get your bundle – 2x tracks (320 MP3), exclusive artwork – only £1.99!
Single tracks also available: Transmission | Rave Motion Gun

Or, if you prefer....

Some feedback so far:
“Lovin’ the sounds of Transmission”
“Awesome track mate!”
“Amazing tunes”
“Lovin the sound of this one mate, really takes you back to the day”

Muteki - Laserize / In Your Car

Muteki’s debut release – out now on Cue Burn Digital!
Two killer breaks tracks, packaged as an A & B side, along with printable artwork and labels.

An explosive look into the future, this genre-spanning Breaks track fuses elements of early Jungle and modern Dubstep with the Oldskool Hardcore sound.
In Your Car
A melodic, uplifting Breaks rollercoaster, conceived with the atmospheric rush of driving in mind.

 Click to get the bundle containing both tracks (320k mp3) with exclusive artwork for just £1.99
Individual tracks also available: Laserize | In Your Car

Or, if you prefer...

Some forum feedback:
“These tracks are seriously big!”
“Laserize is a beast of a tune.”
“a mix of styles that works together really well in my opinion”
“awesome release!”

Ghettozoid - Seeking

Not a Cue Burn Digital release, but a One4Ho release with a remix by Cue Burn's Mulder.

Ghettozoid hails from the West of England (near Bristol) and brings us a haunting Dubstep track with sensational vocals by Bristol vocalist Yolanda. Mixes by Blue Daisy, Teknoist and Mulder.

Mulder - Cue Burn EP

Bristol's Mulder, known for his Drum and Bass releases on Urban Takeover in the late 90s, brings us 4 tracks here, between 145 and 150bpm. Now waving the flag for the small but loyal 'Hardcore Breaks' and 'J-Tek' scenes, Mulder encompasses Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle Tekno, Dubstep, Bassline and Drum and Bass in varied combinations with these tracks.

Cue Burn

With a bass sound reminiscent of Rusko's 'Jahoviah', this track makes use of the scratchy sounds of vinyl / acetate by using it as a build up to the drop. Horn stabs punctuate the intro with what sounds like a chorus of monks underneath. Big Jungle style chopped breaks make up the beats and bring it all together.

Dread Notes

A floaty intro gives a false impression of the terror to come. See if you can guess where the sample comes from. 'The longer the note, the more dread!' After a long distorted, squelchy bass note, 4/4 kicks bust in, building up to the breaks and a Techno style Drum and Bass bassline kicks off. Rave stabs in the middle bring the Hardcore element and then back to the dread.

Soundclash VIP

A well known Reggae sample is the main force of this tune, with nice rave stabs and 'yard tape' samples making up the rest. Good solid breaks and bass complete this homage to the days when Hardcore and Jungle were practically the same thing.


Good use of an NWA break with 4/4 kicks and a 'Bassline' bassline :P Forgive the lazy DJ SS sample, and the hoover, this is a just dance floor rinse out.