Cue Burn Digital - An mp3 label set up by Bristol's Mulder to release Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks J-Tek, Nu-Rave, Nu-Jungle, Jungle Breaks, 140 Jungle, Future Jungle... Or whatever you want to call it!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cue Burn Digital - The Burn-Up (Mini-mix) - AVAILABLE NOW VIA DIZZYJAM.COM!
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Cue Burn Digital present seven minutes of junglistic, ravetronic, break-thrashing, footworkin' madness - a sliced 'n' diced counterattack of the entire Cue Burn Digital release catalogue!
Cue Burn Digital was founded in 2008 by legendary producer Mulder to release fresh new Hardcore Breaks and Jungle Tekno; it has also expanded to embrace Future Jungle, Juke Jungle Techno, and wherever the Rave/Jungle/Breaks sounds take us...
Mixed by Muteki, this mini-mix features the freshly re-cut sounds of:

Mulder - Cue Burn
Mulder - Dread Notes
Mulder - Soundlash VIP
Mulder - Rinse
Muteki - Laserize
Muteki - In Your Car
Muteki - Transmission
Muteki - Rave Motion Gun
Muteki - Thief State
Kid Chameleon & Casual Breakin' - Dos Pajeros
Kid Chameleon & Casual Breakin' - Just Say No
Wellbelove - Liv Dis Way
Wellbelove - F Wit U
Wellbelove - F Wit U (146 bpm mix)
/[no CBDIGI cat. no as yet]:
Muteki - Maniac

If you're already familiar with the tunes, think of The Burn-Up as a remixed thank-you for your support... If you're new to the sounds and like what you hear, go check out the full onslaught of the original tracks!

All tracks available on and

  Cue Burn Digital - The Burn-Up (Mini-mix) (80k) by Cue Burn Digital

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