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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Bastronauts EP - Out Now - CBDIGI009

Cue Burn Digital continues to fearlessly eat breakbeat lasagne in the face of scandal, piercing the film on The Bastronauts EP:

The Bastronauts are two young newcomers from Bristol, weaving infectious grooves and electronic melody from the strands of daily abject misery.

I'm At A Technical College is a melodic breakbeat pop song, sung with passion by a trained ZX Spectrum. With thrusting bass and a heavenly vocal refrain, it's as much about the sprawling infinitude of reality as it is about being on an engineering training course.

Cock O' The North Star pits the early house spirit of Todd Terry and Li'l Louis against the forces of stomping breakbeat funk. The victors? The Bastronauts, of course. Comes with a hands-in-the-air guarantee (proof of purchase required).

Uh, wait a minute, you'd better talk to my mother:


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